Monday, March 26, 2007

Medication Math

Ok, I may possibly be getting this math stuff. I just took a 30 question pre-test and only freaked out about two of them (both reconstitution questions)
See if you can figure this out:

Ticar 3g in 100ml of LR IV to run over 2 hours.
Label on Ticar: 3 grams, to reconstitute, add 12 ml sterile water for injection yield concentration of 200mg/ml.
How much of the reconstituted solution must be added to the IV bag to provide the ordered dose of Ticar 3g?
The answer is 15ml, but I am clueless with how to set these up!
I did, however, find some cool websites for the medication math challenged such as myself!
Check em out!
My test is tomorrow, and as usual, its do or die. Its a 15 question quiz, I can miss three.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hail To The Victors!

I am so proud to announce I have been accepted to the University of Michigan to complete the RN to MSN program. I am so geeked! My hubby and brother are graduates from Michigan State University, so I have to be careful how geeked up I get around them. But inside, Im so happy to be headed towards my MSN at U of M.
The next step is to sign up for my first class, Nursing Research. (NUR 308) Its an online class which is a bonus. But sometimes those can be tough, so I will keep you posted.
My long term goal is to be a geriatric nurse practitioner.
Today I passed my mental health final with a 4.0, which means my final grade is a 4.0. I know they tell you to let go of your desire to 4.0 everything once you get into nursing school, but Im having a harder time with see, I love doing what Im told is impossible...its a bit of teenage rebellion that never really went away.
Tomorrow Peds starts with Attila the Hun...stay tuned for the exciting details!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Wow-did our Mental Health class have a heated debate on spanking. Judging by the comments of the professor, I would assume he is against it. He put some of the following ideas on the overhead for our thoughts and comments:

  • a child assumes that it is "ok" for a bigger person to hit a smaller person

  • a child learns that it is ok to hit those you love or be hit by those who love you

There were two others that used the word "violence" that I did not include. It was an intriguing debate. Especially when so many of my peers represented polar opposite viewpoints on the topic.

things that make you go hmm....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Nurses March

Whew! Being politicaly active is hard work! As a member of the Michigan Student Nurses Association, I went to the 1st annual Nurses March on our state's capitol steps. It was freezing that day but it was fun. The govenor greeted us and then we went to the legislators to speak to them about some bills currently circulating. The bills cover things like safe lifting, staff to patient ratios and mandation.
Michigan is the only state in the union right now to have a Chief Nurse too. Her name is Jeanette Wrona Klemczak and she has some great ideas about how to "fast-track" nurses who are willing to become masters prepared nurses and nurse educators.
It was a cold day on the steps of the capitol, but it was fun. By the way, Im in front, in the red coat and glasses holding the sign!!