Friday, November 09, 2007

Tuesday at 3:30pm

Where will you be? I will be sitting in an interview of a lifetime. I got the call today from the regional level I trauma center for an ER position! If you're a nay-sayer about new grads in critical care, I don't want to hear it. (the times of putting in two years in med/surg before you move up are over and likely will be until they solve the nursing shortage)
If however, you have any interview advice, I'm all ears!!

ok...I'm not that cold hearted, if you truely feel its a mistake, I guess I am open to your opinion....but I'm still interviewing... : )


Today's nursing collection spotlight is.....


This is actually an over sized version that has a bobble head. The original nurse pez dispensers go for about $100 (if you have one, take care of it)
Interesting side note, the "nurse" is actually Pez dressed for undercover work...apparently it was a storyline that accompanied the toy.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

No Respect

I am supposed to be putting the finishing touches on my last caremap ever (unless there are caremaps in grad school-God, I hope not) but I just can't get into the groove. Its on asthma...zzz..zzz..zzz...oh sorry...drifted off there...

I just read Drug Pushers latest post and it made me sad. I know the nurse shortage is real, I know...but crazy hours at work, no respect, and mounting frustrations is not what we went to school for, and its not a reflection of our value. In my hospital, if you have RN behind your name and you're not a complete freak-any job is available w/in 6 months. It baffles me why a good nurse (like Drug Pusher) is considering relocating because his/her hospital is not looking out for him.


New feature in my rediscovered blog (lol) I have long been a collector of all things nurse, especially WWII era stuff (back when nurses still wore their caps). So I thought Id start showing you my finds!! Some are dinky, some are silly, but whats the point in a collection if you can't share it???

My first find is my coup d'etat...a nurses cape!! I fought long and hard for this on ebay! I just need some ideas on how to display it.

Its history is that it was made in the Altro shop in NY, Its an authentic 1920's navy blue wool nurse's cape with label "Altro Work Shops Inc. New York".
It is a double breasted four button front closure and stand up collar embroidered with "S.N. & M.C.". The nurses name stitched into wool says "Doris M. Shrinn".

Altro Work Shops Inc. is the oldest sheltered workshop in New York and dates back to 1915. Its main function was to rehabilitate men & woman with stabilized tuberculosis (and later cardiac disabilities and mental disease) who could not return to full time employment.
The Altro Work Shops was a garment factory that made uniforms for hospitals, restaurants and hotels and manned by tuberculosis ex-patients working under medical supervision.

Monday, November 05, 2007

LONG Summer-No Fall Whats up with that?

Im embarrassed to admit I haven't posted anything since April. My final semester of nursing school has been nuts to say the least. But Im in the home stretch! 6 weeks left!

Ive applied to the ER, OB (I interned there all summer) and a general nurse residency program. I REALLY want ER, but its in God's hands.

I have to whisper this next line...hubby's not geeked about this, but I am considering joining the army reserves...

more later