Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Profession vs. A Job

Whew! Its been so long since I've blogged. I did end up with the ED job. I LOVE it. Since then I have taken my boards, ACLS, TNCC and an advanced ECG course. Busy is an understatement, but oh what a fun trip its been.

I even have secured a day shift!! God is good all the time.

I just read an article from crzegrl, the flight nurse about nursing being a job or a profession. I have endevoured for the latter. I can tell which nurses in the ED are there for the paycheck and which ones define themselves by their role as an ED nurse. I have had the good fortune to be precepted by an awe inspiring nurse. Im so thrilled to have my RN and to be able to care for people in times of crisis.