Sunday, May 25, 2008

An the Oscar Goes To...

The ER nurses at UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham) get a gold star and lots of laughs for this hilarious "recruitment video." The video is about 2 years old, so you may have seen it...but its worth it.

I was actually amazed at all the videos about hospitals, nurses, doctors, and patients that are posted on You Tube.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ode To A Friend

I had the best day today. Im working on completing my BSN at U of M Flint and today I had to test off on my Physical Assessment class. (much more detailed then what we learned in my ADN program, btw)

A friend of mine, E, politely obliged to be my guinea pig for the exam. It went well, except for the part when I put the tuning fork on the mandibular joint instead of the mastoid process for the Rhine test. My prof was cool, but she didn't correct me until I had made a complete fool of myself...

After the exam, E and I went to lunch and had fun talking about nursing and school and kids and was so refreshing. She is a new grad from THE most grueling program around, I respect her for it and know she is an awesome nurse. I can't wait till she's an RN in my ED. Im so excited to have a friend down there that I've known for awhile.

There is nothing like being refreshed by good conversation with a good friend. I feel blessed today.